Wednesday 30 March 2016

Make Up Revolution Rose Gold Lipsticks

Look at these!! How beautiful are these lipsticks?? They are stunning!! these are Make up Revolutions newest bullet lipsticks in this gorgeous rose gold packaging. When I saw these my obsession for all things rose gold took over and just I had to buy them, and I am so glad I did!

They at the moment only have 5 shade and I'm unsure if they are going to come out with anymore but if they do I will be the first to purchase them!!

This one is called Red Carpet, as you can see this is a really classic red shade that will look great on anyone as it not too orange and not too blue toned. I adore this shade and it is one of my favourites from the collection because I'm always on the look out for a really great red!! 
This is Private Members Club and it's one for all you dark colour lovers that want something nearly black but not quite! Its a stunning deep purple that comes off a little sheer but if you layer it you get a really nice opaque colour that is just beautiful. 
The name of this shade has to be my favourite it's called Girls Best Friend and I can see why!! It's the most perfect shade of bright pink that is an awesome subnet colour. This shade looks great with a turquoise/blue colour on the eye!! 
This beautiful shade is called Chauffeur! It is a stunning nude shade that is actually my favourite shade of the collection because I love nude lips!! I don't know what else I can say about this one the colour really speakers for itself it's a perfect nude that will suit a wide range of skin tones! If you only get one of these lipsticks then get this one!! 
This is Diamond Life. It's a pinky purple shade that is also gorgeous! It needs to be layered to get a fully opaque colour on the lips but even as a sheer shade it's stunning!! 

At only £3 per lipstick you can't go wrong with this collection!! Another win for Make Up Revolution!!! 

Love C x

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