Wednesday 27 April 2016

GlossyBox unboxing #1

I bought a glossy box!!!!! 
I said in my March favourites post that I want to start doing posts that will become permanent or recurring fixtures on my blog and this is going to be one of them. 

So this is the first of many monthly glossy box unboxings to come, and I am very excited!!!! 
When I recieved my glossy box I was having a really bad day so having the post man bring my this lovely little box of happiness made me smile! This is everything that came in the beautiful pink box. I'll go through piece by piece of what they are and a little bit about whether I like them or not!

This is the Miracle Mist by Leighton Denny and it is quick drying mist for setting nail varnish, you know when you can't be bothered to wait for the polish to dry on its own ;). This is a full size product that retails for £12 and j have to say that I'm impressed with this, it does what it says and dries nail varnish in seconds! Having been a lover of nail extensions for May years I have come across tons of products like this one but this is the best one I've used!

This is from The Body Shops new range called Oils of Life and this is a sample of the Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil and it is lovely! It leaves the skin feeling so soft and smooth! I contacted the body shop on Twitter and they said it is to be used to moisturise the skin before putting on makeup, so it's not like all these oils you've seen on Instagram where you add it to your foundation! Like I said this is a sample size product and the full size retails for £28 but with your Glossy Box you get a card and on that card it says that you are entitled to a deluxe sample of the Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising sleeping cream and £10 any purchase when you spend £25 in store or online so that means that you can pick up this as a full sized product for only £18!! BARGIN!! 

This is another full size product from th makeup brand Essence (which I am a huge fan of) this retails for £3 but it is by no means a dud product! You are supposed to use a bronzer brush to swirl the colours together and sweep it across the cheeks and nose to give a sun kissed loo, and I does it's really beautiful even on some one as pale as me, plus it smells like coconut and summer! 

Another full size product here this one from Next and it is a lip crayon and I got the cherry shade which I do like but I think I would have preferred the peach shade! This retails for £8 and it claims to be long lasting as well as softening on the lips, which is true, this lip crayon feel is like a lip all when you're putting it on but has a really intense colour payoff that you wouldn't expect from such a hydrating product! 

This is double ended brow pencil from the brand Studio 10! It has a universal taupe shade on one end that is supposed to be flattering on everyone and a creamy flesh toned pencil on the other end! When I saw this I really wanted to love it but sadly I can't because the flesh toned shade is just too dark for me, but then again I am ghostly in complexion, the taupe brow colour is great for days when I don't want to spend too long on my brows! But I have used the flesh toned pencil in my waterline and it works great! 

All in all a really good box!! And an absolute steal at only £10!! If you want to get your own box you can follow this link here:

Thank for reading 

Love C x

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