Friday 6 May 2016

London Lush Haul

So I said in my Make Up Revolution birthday party post that I went into London early on that day and one of the shops I was lucky enough to get to was Lush!! I went to the Lush in Sheppard's Bush and the Lush in Oxford Street (because you have to go to all the Lush stores haha!) This post will cover what I bought whist in London (that I had to painfully stop myself from using straight away so that I could take photos for this post!)

This is the sunflower bubble bar that lush brought out and made exclusive to Oxford Street (this was the reason I went over to Oxford Street!!) it smells like lemons and other citrus fruits! I can't wait to try this out and because it's so big it is going to last for a good few number of baths!! 

The rest do thes products were brought in the LUSH in Shepherds Bush 
This little beauty is called The Experimenter and it's a bath bomb. This was a te purchase because I've had this already and if you follow me on Instagram you can see a video of this bathbomb in action!! If you've ever been to lush you know the smell of the shop and how you can smell it half way down the street and this bath bomb has that classic lush scent!! It leaves your bath a beautiful purple colour and it's loaded with glitter so you feel like a princess!!! 

This is a release for Easter and its called Fluffy Egg! It smells like one of lush's best sellers at Christmas SNOW FAIRY!! It's a beautiful mix of sweet candy scents and I can't wait to use it!!! 

This is also another repurchase I will always buy two or three of these every time o go to lush, this time I purchased two of these and they are called Butterball! It is a little pocket rocket of a bath bomb and it packs a mighty punch when it comes to moisturising the skin! Imbedded in this bomb are loads of little chunks of cocoa butter that melt in the bath and coat your skin I this lovely oil that when joy get out of the bath you can rub into your skin! 

This giant bath bomb is called Sakura and it is inspired by Japanese cherry blossom!! It smells like orange blossom and lemon and it's infused with jasmine oil so it is very moisturising! I have used tho one now and it leaves a lovely subtle pink colour in the bath and smells lovely!! 

This little beauty really is the star of the show!! It is called the Golden Egg and it is beautiful!! When I saw it I knew I had to have it!! So this is a new one on me because this is not just s bath bomb it is a bath bomb melt, this is because these is a layer of solid oils and moisturising good stuff under the glitter and before the the fizzy bath bomb bit!! It smells like toffee and caramel and seems like it will make a wonderful bath experience! The only thing stopping me from using this is having to clean up aftet it! Hahaha 

Thank you for reading about what I picked up from LUSH in London!! Let me know what your lush favourites are and I I've not tried them I'll probably pick them up and give them a go!! (We can all feed each other's LUSH addictions!!) 

I love LUSH and I am sure that there will be loads more lush posts in here in the future!! 

Thanks again!!

Love C x

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