Monday 14 December 2015

Advent calendar pt 1

So I got a Ciate London nail varnish advent calendar this year and as there are 24 doors to open I thought I'd do a post after every 6 days and tell you a little bit about what's behind each door!!

So here is the advent calendar
It is very cute packaging with the little bows and bells on!! Very Christmasy!! I got this from Tkmaxx for £20 which is a bargain considering it retails for £50! 

Day One- 
When you open the door there is a message on the inside that reads "There is no better feeling than making somebody smile."
This is a nail topper called "Miss Mistletoe". It's a lovely little pot of glitters in gold, pink and red. I have swatched it as you can see in the picture and the reflect of the light on this glitter is amazing. This glitter would be overly to wear all over the nail or used to create nailart! 

Day Two-  
On the inside of this days door reads "Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." 
The polish in day 2 was this beautiful clear polish with lilac glitters in! It is absolutely stunning! In this picture I did two very thin coats so as you can see the amount of glitters in this polish is ridiculous! I didn't top coat this polish either it is just on my nail as it comes out of the bottle and the shine on the nail is amazing! This is a great nail topper or could be worn layered up to create an opaque glitter finish! 

Day Three- 
The message on the inside of this door was "Beauty is whatever brings you joy." 
The polish behind day fours door is called Meet me in Mayfair. it is this really lovely clear polish with strands or black, white, silver and lime green glitter. it really s lovely because the majority of the strands are black and white so you get the occasional hint if green and silver which really helps to break up the colours. This polish would be really really nice as a varnish topper or as an opaque polish if layered up!!

Day Four- 
The message behind today's door was "Take the Ciate bow with you wherever you may go."
Look at the polish from day 4!! It is just stunning. Its called Members Only, 
it is a really really beautiful peach polish with tiny glitters in it, the picture of the swatch of this polish really doesn't do this colour any justice. It really is one of the nicest polishes I own and I don't have anything that is remotely like it. I wouldn't wear anything else with this polish just a clear top coat to protect the longevity of it. I love love love it!!!

Day Five- 
The message behind the door of day 5 is a quote from Danny Kaye- "Life is a great big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can." 
This polish is called Encore, it is a really bright orange colour that unfortunately really isn't very Christmasy but its still very pretty. The pigmentation of this shade is amazing and it only needed one coat. this polish will definitely be a staple in my summer nail colours and I can't wait t use it.  

Day Six-
There was another quote behind today's door, "Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends."- Kate Spade
 I am really really in love with this shade, its called Pepperminty and even though the swatch picture makes it look blue it actually is a super pretty mint green colour. Its the perfect spring shade and I will undoubtedly be wearing it as soon as spring hits us.

So that was a run down of the first six days of my Ciate London advent calendar I will be doing another three posts like this one for the remaining days.

Love C xx

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