Sunday 1 June 2014

My skin

I wish I could love my skin, I really do, but my skin has a habit of driving me crazy! Growing up I was lucky I never suffered with acne, I got the occasional spot here and there but nothing serious. For as long as I can remember though I have suffered with eczema it used to be only in small patches on my arms and legs, but now that I am older I get it on my face and it flares up due to stress! As I said in my previous post I have had a stressful couple of months, and having the eczema flare up on my face made me very uncomfortable. So the other day when I was on YouTube I watched a video on the Batalash Beauty channel of Angela talking about how she deals with Psoriasis (a similar skin condition to eczema) and it got me thinking about what it is I do that helps calm my skin when it flares up. So I thought I'd share it with you just incase any of you suffer the same things. First things first, I know it sounds so obvious but do not scratch, that's only going to make it red and sore and means you need to cover it up more. 
So, I cleanse my skin daily with my Murad refining cleanser, this is a non drying facial cleanser, I just massage this into my face and neck and rince away. I also use a Sonicleanse but I only use this at most twice a week. This is a pulsing cleansing brush that I use with the same cleanser as before and it's timed so you only use it for 1 min any longer is going to be to harsh on your skin. I have found that since using the Sonicleanse I get fewer flare ups and if I do it helps to even out my skins texture without being too harsh.
After cleansing I use moisturiser the day cream in the morning and the night one before I go to bed. The day cream is super light and sinks in really fast, but is still really moisturising, this means you don't have to wait ages to put on makeup and hydrating makes the makeup not clump up on the uneven texture you may have. The night one is much richer and takes longer to soak into the skin. I love the night one because it is so moisturising that it really helps add moisture back to the spots I get my eczema.
When I get flare ups that are really bad I use a 0.1% steroid ointment that clears the skin. This is a medicated cream given to me by my doctor so always consult your doctor before trying anything like this because over use can cause serious damage to your skin. So that's everything I do to help keep my skin looking nice, apart from being in the sun (with SPF on of course) and drinking lots and lots of water. Hope this helps and if you have any questions just ask 

Love C x

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