Sunday 15 June 2014

My new make up storage

I recently updated my makeup storage because, well because I can! I love makeup but I have so so much that instead of the one draw that it used to share with my hair stuff it now has two draws! Did I mention that I practically live in a shoe box (crazy tiny room)! To maximise draw space I invested in these lovely vases from IKEA. 
I have four of them holding my mass of brushes, those glass beads are also from IKEA. The vases cost £2 each but they look so beautiful and the beads were £1.50 for each tub (I used 3) and they make the brushed stand up taller than the rim of the vase. My makeup products now take up 2 draws in my 3 draw bed side table. The top draw is all my foundation, concealer, powder, primer, blush and bronzer 
The draw spacers are also from ikea! And they cost £6 for six of different sizes. They are so handy and look really good in the draws! The next draw down holds all my eye and lip makeup (of which I have a lot!!) 
I absolutely love my new storage but I would love a proper dressing table with a mirror and stuff but one say that will happen!! 

Love C xx

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