Saturday 8 November 2014

Make-up Revs contour and highlight collection

So I recently finally managed to get my hands on the Make-up Revolution contour and highlight collection that they have brought  out as a Christmas gift set. It comes with a contour kit, with a bronzer, blush and highlighter in, a large bronzer and three brushes. 
I love the kit!!! I really do. The large bronzer is really good, it's matte and the right mix of warm and neutral tones that it doesn't look too orange or too ashy! The contour kit is great for on the go and traveling, the bronzer is slightly warmer than the other one but not to bad really nice as a contour colour with the other bronzer. The blush is lovely I have used it everyday since I bought the kit, it gives a really subtle rose colour that looks great along side the bronzer. The highlighter is nice but a bit pink for me I much prefer a gold highlight, but I do mix the highlighters it's the blush to give it a "glow from within" look. The large powder brush is really nice for all over bronzing it diffuses the colour and blends the product really nicely. The angled brush us great for contouring the cheeks as it really gets into the hollows of your cheeks bad round the hairline and temples. The duo fibre brush was good before it started to shed if it didn't do that I think it would be my favourite because it makes my highlighter go on really really nicely. I really recommend this kit to buy as a gift because it is a really good price and while you're at it you could pick up one for yourself too! 

Love C x 

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